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Navigate Trauma to End Stress Eating.  
Build Immunity, 
Emotional Resiliency, 
and JOY!

Especially In times of chaos....(like now!)
Begins Saturday April 11th
You really CAN calm anxiety and stop eating your emotions in the midst of all the craziness...
Now, more than ever before, you have a choice.  You can continue to let the craziness of this pandemic spin you out of control...

Or you can choose a different way to cope with challenging times and stop eating your emotions. 

Your really CAN:
  • Finally learn to feel your feelings instead of eating your emotions. 
  • Recreate healthy habits and routines that feel easy and healthy...even when you're stuck at home with the kiddos.
  • Discover true freedom with food, emotions, and your body despite a global pandemic.
  • ​Build strong immunity by focusing on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Experience peace, joy, and calm even though the world is handing us fear and anxiety.
 While yes my confidence is definitely boosted, I have a ton of energy, my body feels stronger, and my soul feels rejuvenated.  Today I stepped on the scale and I've lost 20 pounds.  It's been a decade since I've felt this great in my body.  I'm able to handle stress better than ever, and I no longer use the excuse that I don't have enough time to take care of me.  
This has now simply become my lifestyle.   
Linsday - Gilroy, CA
"I knew after giving birth to my second child, this was the summer to make myself a priority. I started slow by moving my body. I carved out a slice of "me time" at the 6am hour and got busy!  One of the biggest factors in my success was changing my relationship to food. I can still remember sitting on picnic tables under the oak trees munching on almonds and drinking coconut water while Audra gave us nutrition counseling.  I couldn't be happier about the changes in my body and life." 
Susan - Los Gatos, CA
Since starting Audra's programs I've lost 8 pounds and 4.5 inches!  Even more exciting - this morning I put on a pair of jeans I've had buried in my closet since before the birth of my first child... and they FIT! Needless to say, I'm thrilled. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 
Beth - Los Gatos, CA
Why You're Struggling...
My entire body went into shock...
I was 17 when my family packed up and moved 2000 miles away to the east coast. 
I didn't understand it then, but the painful feelings this brought up as I watched the moving truck pull away were too much to bear.

Looking for anything to make the pain go away, food became my go-to drug and savior...filling me up with delicious, soothing, and sweet happiness… until I was numbed out or sick to my stomach…over and over again.  

I used to sneak cake and ice cream hoping no one would notice.

I would watch hours of mindless TV while numbing out with entire bags of oreos dipped in milk.  

I would spend the next 17 years numbing out with food when things got tough, then spending the rest of my time obsessed with losing the weight I'd gained. 


When we don't process the big emotions, our nervous system will do 
whatever it needs to do in order to cope...

So instead of processing emotions... we learn to stuff them down with food and alcohol 
until we become EMOTIONALLY CONSTIPATED and unable to feel our feelings.

Then enter Covid-19 and a world-wide pandemic... 

Without new coping strategies, you'll do what you've always done....
and there's no amount of willpower that can override your unconscious primal coping strategies. 

Even though willpower won't work... there IS another way.

Here's One Thing I Know For Sure....
We have possibly the biggest opportunity of our lifetime 
to heal trauma and get emotionally unstuck. 

When you can self-care, recreate healthy habits, 
find stable routine, and expand emotional
resiliency and joy...

Your immune system will get stronger...

Your peace and calm will expand...

And your care and connection to your peeps will deepen. 

Without a doubt, this craziness will end.  

And when does, 

WE NEED THIS TRANSFORMATION NOW MORE THAN EVER so we can show up for the people we love the most and turn this scary moment in time into the deep nervous system healing that collectively changes the planet. 

You've been there. 

You know the constant inner-dialogue and struggle with 
food, weight, and your body.

You've spent tons of money and emotional energy on crazy diets and gimmicks promising "this is the one" that will change it all.

What was missing for me was simple, and it's what I know how to teach you:

this is a great time to capitalize on the fact that we've all been thrown out of our routine...the rat race has scome to a healot wiht alolow su us to crreate healthier habits...

THIS IS A GIFT... it's hard to cretea healthier habits when we're stuck in the rat race...

This is a huge opportinity... pain and suffering is a blessing ...its a time learning and growth.. use this time to 

 1. You have to come into your healthy & right-sized body in a way that isn't so different from what you're doing right now. 

2. you have to remove the  blocks that keep you stuck in Self-Sabotaging Patterns.
It sounds simple enough...but here's the problem:

You're up against multi-billion dollar beauty, diet, fitness, and weight loss industries that concoct all sorts of rules, counting, measuring, and guidelines...

...and they promise that if you follow their plan exactly, you'll lose weight fast which is the answer to loving your life!

They're smart.  They know you hate the extra weight 
and you wanted it gone yesterday.

But the faster you lose it in a way that's vastly different 
from how you normally live...the faster you put it back on. 
(Plus a little extra because now you're in "F**K IT mode".) 

Why bother losing weight if you'll just end up gaining it back?


You quit because while they're busy talking about points and bullshit food rules...

You're trying to navigate Thursday night happy hour with the coworkers, 
Friday night pizza with the fam, and a weekend of doing the finances, running errands, and going to your kid's friend's birthday parties (hello chips and cake).  

There "solution" is too far-fetched from the lifestyle you're already living.  
It's impossible to sustain even with copious amounts of willpower.


You quit because no one is offering real solutions to your self-sabotaging behaviors, or teaching real tools that REMOVE THE BLOCKS that keep coming up for you so you can expand your capacity to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS, instead of using food, booze, or shopping to numb them out. 

Here's how it really works: 

You hold on to extra weight because the oldest part of your nervous system that runs below your conscious awareness believes it's keeping you safe by keeping your body exactly where it's at today.

And since this part of your nervous system is responsible for 80% or your behavior... it really doesn't matter how badly you want it. 

You actually have to heal and teach this unconscious part of your nervous system that it's safe for you to release the weight.  It's safe for you to live in a body you love that's healthy and thriving.

The way you do that (if you want to lose the weight, never gain it back, and actually like your body), it's going to take 2 things:

1.  Create new habits that aren't so far fetched 
from the life you're already living.  

You should feel like you can keep at it even after you've lost the weight.

2.  Remove the Unconscious Blocks that keep you stuck 
in old self-sabotaging patterns.  

This overlooked yet crucial part teaches your nervous system it's safe to lose weight, and you're safe to have the body and life you so deeply desire.


And here’s the crazy part: It didn’t matter if I thought I was thin OR fat… In my mind, heart and body, I was consumed with:
  •  Always wanting to hide parts of my body so someone wouldn’t fully see me
  • ​Never looking at myself in the mirror because I didn’t like what I saw 
  • Having zero confidence in my body (much less in a bikini)
  • Wishing so badly I could just STOP OBSESSING and feel happy, free, and at peace with food and my body 

Have you ever felt those feelings before?
 During this time in my life, I focused on getting as much "information" as I could with a degree in Exercise Physiology, becoming a master certified Personal Trainer, and studying holistic nutrition at the acclaimed Bauman College.  

And within a few short years, I built a multi 6-figure fitness and nutrition company 
that served thousands of Silicon Valley residents.  

But the information and "knowing what to do" only got me so far.

Only once I let go of the "knowing what to do" part...
and started focusing on the "why don't I do it" part, 
my life (and body) made a huge shift. 
I was able to care for myself in a way that felt very
 different than forcing myself to exercise and diet.

I sold my fitness company knowing that 
women are craving a more holistic approach 
to touch their own wholeness and 
heal from the inside out.  

The weight loss is just the cherry on top!
How many times have you "known what to do", started to self-care... 
only to turn around and "self-sabotage" and ruin your best efforts?

When is it going to be YOUR TURN to not only lose the weight, but also love your body and heal the old self-sabotaging behaviors that “trigger” the 
weight back on?

I know I'm not alone in this...  
The truth is knowing what to do just isn’t enough

But with the right support you can not only have the body you want… 
your whole life can change.

Happy, Healthy, Free, and Turned-On to Life. 

Connected and Energetic.

Well Rested and Excited for what’s ahead.

Small steps… repeated time after time.
I call these small steps the Sexy 7, and the beauty is...
I’m not here to tell you what to do. 

My job is simply to show you how they work
 and give you simple strategies to help you implement them
 into your life for 28-days alongside other amazing women.  

Incorporating them into your daily routine and 
keeping track of your progress.   

Then YOU get to decide if the Sexy 7 work for you. 

And after the Challenge...you’ll see for yourself.. 

Is this how you want to live your life? 

Now here's the GREAT news...
  • ​You really can start taking control of your health and body today without crazy diets or complete overhauls. 
  • ​With small steps, your body, mind, heart, and LIFE can look and feel completely different in 28 days than it does today.
  • You really CAN experience true Self-Care and Self-Love IMMEDIATELY without ever needing to reach a number on a scale. (In fact... it's the only way it works!)
  • Weight Loss and Lifestyle change really can be  permanent even without ever yo-yo dieting again. 
  •  You really CAN feel nourished, well rested, energized, happier, and more connected, confident, and loving toward your body! 
  • And YES.... you really can start to implement the habits that get you there in less than 30-minutes a day! 
 It’s why I created the Love it 2 Lose it 28-day Challenge…
To give you a taste of how great life can feel living in a body you love. 
I know, I know.... You might be thinking... yeah... that'd be nice...
Except I've tried all sorts programs and they never work.

Even if you're feeling "YES I WANT THAT!"....I bet there are still hesitations, like:
I know...I've seen'em all before.
You know what?  YOU'RE RIGHT.
Many programs FAIL.  Here's why:

  •  You've been set you up to fail because most programs only focus on building up the parts of you that will help you succeed.  (Get to the gym! Eat clean!) Which seems like the right thing to do...but that's not what stops you from succeeding.  You also have to heal, integrate, and love the parts of you that continuously hold you back if you want the change to last. (Most coaches don't have a clue how to do this...but I got you covered.)
  •  Diets are temporary solutions, have a 97% failure rate, and are completely impossible to sustain for life. When you eliminate whole food groups, you'll eventually end up bingeing in rebellion and eating more than if you hadn't of given it up in the first place! The yo-yo effect (always on or off of a diet) slows your metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight each time. But even worse than that is what it does to your confidence, and your ability to trust and love your body.
  •  The industry feeding you these extreme diets and food rules, making you afraid to eat anything besides organic kale salads, and constantly making you feel bad about yourself is a $64 billion per year industry with a 97% failure rate. And you think you're the one who's broken?!?
Stop giving your money to a broken system!
Let's Make A Pact Right Now...OK?
When that moment comes when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin...  
When you feel out of control around food....  

When you catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror and you feel disgusted.... 

Let's make a pact that we won't reach for the latest quick fix....
(which doesn't actually fix anything at all.)  
If you want to lose it... you've gotta love it first.
This is:
Love it 2 Lose it is a movement….
 a paradigm shift… 

It's the realization that being mean to yourself or 
wishing parts of you would disappear... (belly fat disgust!), then trying the latest quick fix to solve the "problem"...

...Will never lead to a body you love.

When you join the Love it 2 Lose it Community, 
you are stepping into your confident, loving, badass self! 

If you want to lose the weight...
Lose the unhealthy habits... 
Lose the mean ways you talk to yourself... 
Lose the negative emotions... 
Lose the toxic environment… 
Lose the self-sabotaging blocks that hold you back...

Then you’ve gotta love it. 

Love transforms everything.  

No more blaming, shaming, or complaining about what’s not working or who’s fault it is...
and no more ignoring or pushing away the “hard stuff”.  

This is Love it 2 Lose it.  
This is your true identity. 
It's Time To Step Into Your True Identity. 
Being a part of the Love it 2 Lose it Community means being a part of something bigger than yourself.  

→ What if you were part of a movement? 

A sanctuary where it’s safe to be yourself, supported by other like-minded women while you do the work of becoming a better more evolved version of you…

A community 
where you can come for help...
Where you can get support...
Where you belong...
Where you can get inspired by others and 

Love it 2 Lose it is not some random point system 
or janky internet meal plan or weight loss system on the internet…
"Love it 2 Lose it" is a powerful movement of the most inspiring women taking charge of their lives fueled  by love! 

As you can see, Love it 2 Lose it much more than a “program”. 
I want to equip you with everything you’ll
 need to complete the challenge 
and feel how your self-worth 
and confidence soar when you 
“do what you say you’re going to do”. 
I’d like to introduce you to the:

And yes… 

I’m Officially
Challenging YOU To Do This!

Yes...I’m talking to YOU sitting there reading this from your phone.  

And YOU on your computer at home... and YOU sitting at your desk at work.

Imagine working directly with me for the next 28 days…

Taking action and implementing the “Sexy 7 Habits” and 
dominating “The 4 Magic Pills” to get unstuck and finally see results while you start creating a lifestyle you love!

I’m not talking about some ebook or DIY project.

I’m talking about a Live Challenge.

A Live Challenge where….
  • ​You and other amazing like-minded women just like you start together on this 28-day journey!
  • ​You’re connected through a facebook group with all the tools, resources, and help you need.
  • You’ll get LIVE daily group coaching so you’ll never feel lost or alone.
Here's how the Love it 2 Lose it Challenge Works 
So simple, yet sooooo effective!
Each day you'll:
Day 1…. “Do this”....
Day 2…. “Do this”....
Day 3…. “Do this”.... 

All the way to Day 28. 

 This is about keeping it simple and learning how to navigate LIFE 
while also building the “sexy habits" that will get you to where you want to go!  

No overwhelm….
No plunging into the deep end feeling lost….
No feeling alone… 
Here’s My Big Promise To You…
On day 28.... 
When you look back on that fork-in-the-road moment when you made the decision to SAY YES….
to your life, 
to your body, 
to your health, 
to your goals, 
to your dreams… 

You will look back in amazement at this journey...

... And you’ll be so damn proud of yourself for saying YES...
...for making your life, your health, and your body a priority.
This One Small 
Life-Changing Shift 
Might be Exactly 
What You Need 
to Finally Ignite the Spark 
Back Into Your Life!  

And there’s one thing for sure....
I’m not going to sit around and promise 
that you’ll lose X amount of weight in 28 days.

The commercials, info-products, and even that "celebrity" Instagram personal trainer... they're are all hype!  We are D.O.N.E. with quick fixes! (remember our pact? ;-)

Every woman and every body is different.

But what I can promise you is that when you implement these Sexy 7 habits into your life…

You’re creating the perfect hormonal environment to lose weight, to shape shift, to feel expansive energy, to let go of sabotaging behaviors, and to love yourself all the way through. 
 I want to read your transformational story!  
And I want YOU to be an inspiration to others
"I have lost 26 pounds and 11 inches!  My life has truly changed.  People say this all the time, but I am serious!  I will never go back to the poor food choices I was making, or the lack of movement, and I have changed my lifestyle in the ways I now eat and live. I feel like I am seeing the person I have wanted to be. I am active again--both with my children and on my own.  This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix to losing weight. I have met such amazing people with whom I hope to stay in touch and involved. This has been such an amazing and positive focus in my life!"
Anna - San Jose, CA
In 3 months I took off 17 pounds and in a total of 5 months I'm down 22 pounds.  I've dropped 2 pant sizes, a ton of inches, and my body has muscle and tone where I've never seen it before.  Working with Audra has been a huge part of my journey...she makes you feel like you're the only one in the room even though it's a group program.
Marlona - Saratoga CA
I've loved the year I've spent working with Audra.  Her group programs are the best!  Warm, welcoming, non intimidating, and life changing for my weight loss journey. 
Leah - San Jose CA
So far, I have lost 10.5 pounds and 8 inches! For the first time in a long time, I can really see results! I see a thinner face and stomach sides, love handles leaving and a muffin top flattening! I truly feel accountable for my actions. I think before I eat, drink, or grocery shop. I love having the switch click ON in my brain to put my health first. I hold my head up higher and have a new confidence about myself. It's all due to you and your team, Audra! Thank you! 
Jamie - Campbell CA
So by joining the Love it 2 Lose it Live Challenge today, 
you’ll become part of a community of women JUST LIKE YOU…

….Women who love and support you as you embark on this journey of
 changing your habits, 
transforming your body, and
loving yourself all the way through!

And you’ll be guided by a coach who actually cares!!!

The Love it 2 Lose it Challenge is like having me 
sitting on your shoulder loving you, encouraging you, 
and breaking down EXACTLY what you need to implement each day.  
Plus soooooo much more!!!
Here's Everything You're Going To Get 
When You Join The
Love it 2 Lose it 28 Day LIVE Challenge: 
#1 - “The Big Picture Map”
This is your “high level” map that shows you 
where you’re at in the challenge,
what you’ll be doing everyday,
 and makes it super simple to keep track!

 I recommend that you print it and put it on your fridge!
#2 - Love it 2 Lose it Playbook
Your playbook is strategically designed to help you
 win everyday during the challenge. 

 It’s going to keep you motivated and on track 
giving you 1 step at a time so you 
experience daily success! 

The play book includes the powerful proprietary 
Love it 2 Lose it Process that includes the 
“Sexy 7”, and the “4 Magic Pills”.
"Sexy 7"
Transforming your body (and loving it along the way) IS NEVER about jumping on the latest fad diet or looking for the next quick fix. 

Research shows not only will it never work, but you also end up worse off with a slower metabolism, extra fat, and a big blow to your confidence and self esteem.  

You wanna know what does work? High payoff habits implemented daily.  

Yeah...I know...it sounds kinda boring, which is why they’re called the “Sexy 7”!   

What makes them sexy?  

Well….when you do your best to implement them together, they create a powerful and positive environment in your body and mind ... 

And they actually work synergistically to get you the body and life you desire...now that’s SEXY! 

You’ll learn how to add them into your life in a way that makes you feel exponentially better without too much extra effort.  

When you can do this, all the results you’re looking for just start to “magically” happen!
And here’s the best news… 

It takes less than 30-minutes a day 
to make the Sexy 7 happen!
Each day you accumulate "hearts" for the habits you complete which lets you see how you’re doing, celebrate your wins, and see where you might need to course correct.

This isn’t about being perfect. F*&CK PERFECT. 

Perfect will never truly transform your body or life. 

This is about taking the daily steps as best as you can each day.  

Life happens. Things come up. It won’t always feel so...sexy. 

The transformation that you want actually happens when you AREN’T perfect…

True depth of transformation happens when you fall down, then figure out how to get back up! 
And when you do it together with other amazing women encouraging you and holding you accountablewe all get back up faster and get stronger together!

4 "Magic Pills"
Everyone wants a magic pill. 

I’ll give you 4! ;-)

(While you and I both know there’s no such thing… these 4 are about as close as we’ll ever get to having an actual magic pill!) 

 In addition to the Sexy 7, each week I’ll cover one of the 4 Magic Pills that will help you break out of old patterns that keep you stuck. 

These truly are the magical ingredients that are missing from every other body transformation system out there.  

These are the magic ingredients that help you not only feel yourself transforming into your right-sized body, you also experience the deep transformation in your mind and heart

 You feel it in your bones! 

You’ll use your playbook to learn and track your progress with the “4 Magic Pills” so you can feel the powerful positive effects they have on your body, energy, weight loss, and life.   
#3 - Daily Group Coaching 
with Audra!
Imagine waking up everyday and knowing 
you have me in your back pocket...
every. single. day.  

Have a questions? Bring it. Something’s not going right? Let’s work through it. Want to celebrate big? Yes!
The sole job of your daily group coaching 
is to make sure you have the tools, 
the answers, the training, and the 
tasks you need to rock 
each day of the challenge. 

 You’ll feel heard, validated, inspired, and motivated...
ready to take on the day!

#4 - Weekly “Magic Pill” 
Ascension Training with Audra! 
Just like you can’t run before you walk... 
And you can’t walk before you crawl... 
Each of the “4 Magic Pills” build upon the other.  

Once a week I’ll walk you through each magic pill...
taking the necessary baby steps so we can build a strong foundation and ascend to the top together!  

The Ascension Training is specifically designed to help you navigate any challenges that you come up against during the challenge.  

The truth is…. you won’t be held back when you’re inspired, on fire, and motivated…. 

So you’ve gotta be prepared for when you “fall off the wagon”

There’s no other system on the planet that teaches this 
“Fall Down Resistance System” so you can 
get back up faster than ever before. 
#5 Good, Better, Best 
Nourish System
This is the most powerful way to learn how to let go of feeling that you have “eat perfect”. 
This system helps you let go of shame, guilt, and perfection around food

 This is by far the most powerful system for eating in a way that: 
  • Nourishes your whole self based on basic nutrition principles of eating more whole foods and less processed junk foods.
  • ​Teaches you how to make better choices without feeling deprived. 
  • ​Uses Eating Psychology methods to help you put your fork down before you’re too full.
  • ​ Helps you realize you can still reach your goals without being perfect.  
But Audra...You're not just going to tell me what to eat?!?
The Love it 2 Lose it Challenge IS NOT A DIET!  

It’s the kickstart into a more nourishing lifestyle that gives you freedom around food and your body.  

I don’t know about you...but every time I have to follow someone’s meal plan...it doesn’t feel like a lifestyle I can stick with for long.

The only way you’ll ever turn these habits into your lifestyle is if you actually feel like you can live with them for the long haul!

The “Good, Better, Best Nourish System” is about meeting you where you are on your nutritional journey and making sure you can actually live with the new food habits you’re implementing.  

So this covers eating and nutrition….

#6 - Love it 2 Lose it 
 "Move it!" System
“Move” is the the first habit of the “Sexy 7”, and you’re going to get my At-Home Move it System for FREE when you register for the Live Challenge!  

When you bring all the "Sexy 7" habits together, you realize that working out for hours on end is unnecessary and unhelpful. 

 But small doses everyday will change your life.  

These are full 8-18-minute movement routines that you do SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH ME. 

This is literally the no-excuses...get it done in 10-minutes a day. 
(Even in your pajamas if you want!)

ALL workouts in the LIVE Challenge are designed to be done at home…...with NO special exercise equipment or gym equipment needed!
But Wait... I know you might be thinking….
"But Audra…. I seriously haven’t exercised in a zillion years. 
 What if I can’t keep up? What if I fail?"

First off...this isn’t going to happen.  

I’ve engineered the movement system for everyone. 
 Each 8-18-minute session is either:

1. A no-equipment-needed workout where I show you how 
each exercise can be made harder or easier to suit your level
2. A yoga class for focus, relaxation, and flexibility
3. Mobility drills to help you move better

You go at the level and pace that’s right for you… 
Remember...this is the start of a new journey!  

It’s more important that you move everyday 
than it is for you to “kill yourself for hours at the gym”

Modify everything you need to so it suits your body and fitness level, 
and then keep increasing the difficulty as you’re ready! 


You’ve got the playbook...
And the coaching...
And the training...
And the nourish plan...
And the movement plan….

What else are you going to need to be wildly successful at this challenge?
#7 - Love it 2 Lose it 
Challenge Group!
You’re going to need US! The truth is… 

This is how you’ll be wildly successful over the next 28-days. Accountability and support is so vital when you’re stepping up to the plate ready to make big changes in your life and with your body.

I’m giving you access to our exclusive 28-day Live Challenge Group!  

This is a private facebook group... 

Which means only the women who have signed up along side you are in the group!  

And let’s just get real for a second...okay?

You can have all the best information on the planet….

 But if you don’t have positive accountability and loving support, then your chances of success are close to ZERO. 

Community is the vital life-force energy that helps you make changes in your life and actually stick with it for good!  

This group is designed to give you equal parts support, WHILE having an entire community of women who will “hold your feet to the fire”, check in with you, and make you STAY accountable (...in a way that some of the people in your life can’t!)

So, you’re going to get FREE access to our Private 28-Day LIVE Challenge Group…

Ok...Phew! To Recap: 
Here's A Recap Of Everything You're Going To Get FOR FREE When You Join The
Love it 2 Lose it 28 Day LIVE Challenge: 
In the "Love it 2 Lose it” Challenge you’ll get:
  • The “Big Picture” Map ($37 value)
  •  Challenge Playbook ($67 value) 
  •  Daily Group Challenge Coaching with Audra ($497 value )
  •  Weekly Challenge Ascension Training with Audra ($297 value)
  •  Private Challenge Group - (PRICELESS!)
  •  “Good, Better Best” Nourish System ($90 value)
  •  “Move it!” System (No Equipment or Gym Needed) ($200 value)
All of this should be costing you $1188!

But because I know you’re here for a specific reason and I believe you didn’t just stumble upon this by accident….(I don’t believe in accidents!)

I’m not going to let you pay anywhere NEAR $1188...
You deserve to feel confident in your own skin...
You deserve to enjoy shopping for those cute outfits you want to wear...
 You deserve to be able to have energy to take care of your family...
 You deserve to feel sexy in your body

But you have to take action and do something about it...
...right now! 
So here’s how this works…
When you accept the challenge and sign up for the next Love it 2 Lose it 28 Day LIVE Challenge, your going to get EVERYTHING I just showed you for FREE.
All you have to do right now is make a one time investment of only $1188 $197 to register and secure your spot in the upcoming Live Challenge Group that starts September 14th.
I've got something even better for you!
The only reason you can see this website is because you've BEEN HANDED A 77% OFF VOUCHER!

So you ARE NOT going to pay full price.
No to $197!

Register today for only $47!!!
But breathe deep.

You don’t have to make a decision now.

Because this Live Challenge is 
It comes with a 28 Day Money Back Challenge Guarantee...

So, here’s my suggestion - 

Sign up today…

Go through all 28 days!… 

Let me coach you. Use the nourish system, the workouts, and the plans...

And AFTER it’s over…THEN you decide if it was worth it for you!
If you go through the Live Challenge, and somehow don’t have a Life Changing Shift, just let me know, and we’ll give you your money back.

My philosophy is if I can’t help you to make deep and lasting transformation…
...then I don’t deserve your money.
So just let me know, and we’ll give you your money back.

BUT… if you’re like most of my clients who have gone through a life-changing challenge with me…

Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll have a Life Changing Shift that will set you on a path to more confidence, happiness, and truly living the life you deserve.
So, you have FULL 28 DAYS
to decide 1 of 2 things...
1. This is the real deal, and it works and is amazing! (And that’s why thousands of women I’ve worked with have gotten results!) 
2: I’m crazy and everything you’ve seen here was all made up (LOL - but I’m guessing you won’t think that…)
When you say YES to the challenge, it’s literally 
ONLY $1.67 PER DAY… 

You can't even get a CUP OF COFFEE for $1.67!!!

With this easy decision, you’ll be able to:
  •  Lose weight…
  • Look the way you’ve been dreaming about for years… 
  • Feel beautiful and confident…
  • Learn how to love, honor, and respect your body through the whole process…
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others... 
  • And, have access to the most powerful community of inspired women on the planet!
At this point it’s literally a no brainer... 

You have nothing to lose but the weight, and you have sooooo much to gain! 

The only thing you need to decide right now is, 

Do I stay stuck... frozen with fear, and keep my life and body exactly where they’re at?


Do I finally show up and say YES to my life, and finally live in body that I love and trust, 
filled with endless energy and a zest for life...

Click the button below to Start your “Love it 2 Lose it” 28 Day - LIVE CHALLENGE Now.

Why am I offering a thousand dollars 
worth of transformational weight loss programs 
for FREE when you join the challenge?
My goal is simple…

I want to blow your mind by giving away more value than what other people charge for.

I know you’re going to start your challenge right away and be absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the program 
and the community waiting to welcome you! 

The start date for the next LIVE Challenge Group is Saturday September 14th...
You’re NOT alone in this!

So many other women are currently enrolling, and you will all start and join the Private Challenge Group at the same time!

The Love it 2 Lose it Method is PROVEN and has worked for so many women.

And I KNOW it will work for you, too!
  Why SHE said yes to the love it 2 Lose it Challenge:
...I'm finished gaining and losing weight!
"When I joined I was feeling a little desperate. I've lost and gained the same forty pounds about five times in the past five years. My pattern is to diet for three to four months, and then completely stop and gain all the weight back. I joined because I can't keep following these same patterns and I need to do something different."
Sara - Campbell, CA
...No more obsessing about food
"In Love it 2 Lose it I learned to trust myself enough not to head into a spiral again of obsessing about food, weight, while still focusing on being mindful and generous to my body."
Kelly - Dallas, TX
...I'm not just changing my body...I'm changing me!
"I love your holistic approach of being about changing me, not just my body. I need to lose weight but it has been a struggle because of other issues...so I’m for the first time I'm actually excited to dive into those!"
Dawn - Alexandria VA
...Changing and Healing from the Inside Out
"What got me was that this challenge goes deeper than just losing weight or getting healthy. It helps you get "healthy" on the inside too. I have always had food issues...so I said YES , because yes, I want to lose weight, but I also want to change how I see myself, and start to heal."
Sarah - San Mateo, CA
So make TODAY the day that you took a stand…

The day that you can look back on as the day that it all started....

Take advantage of this insane offer and get the body that you've always wanted and deserved. 

Just click the button below and get started now.

You deserve this!

You deserve to feel confident…
 You deserve to love who you see in the mirror…
 You deserve to overcome that food addiction…
 You deserve to create healthy habits…
 You deserve to be able to keep up with your kids...
 ...and chase your husband around the bedroom!

Don’t worry or think or feel overwhelmed!

After you join the challenge, you don’t have to do everything at once…just take a deep breath.

This program is designed to help you start by taking baby steps. 

It’s the start of a Lifestyle Change that’s going to work!
The MOMENT you get started, the first thing we’re going to do is focus on the 
baby steps to getting the “Sexy 7” into your daily routine.  

Each day, for 28 days, we will zero in on ONE simple thing each day that literally guarantees results.

Exciting… right?!?
So click the button right below and start your 
“Love it 2 Lose it” 28-day LIVE CHALLENGE right now!  
All you have to do is get started.

You deserve to DO THIS FOR YOURSELF!
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"Anyone who meets Audra will notice right away her positive, fiery energy that is impossibly infectious. Working with Audra, you will feel sexier, healthier, freer, more energetic, and most importantly, healed. She is the embodiment of her gorgeous message that elevates the feminine and pays reverence to all aspects of the body with a deep, tender love. I'm deeply blessed to count her as a mentor on my own journey to restoring my health, hormones, weight, and energy levels to where they need to be!"
Monica - St. Louis, MO
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